Artist Profile: Geoffrey Gaudoin: Sustain & Heirs in Exile


Artist Profile:

Band Name: Sustain & Heirs in Exile

Your name: Geoffrey Gaudoin

Instrument: Drums

age: 19

Where are you from and where do you go to Church?  I am from Orlando and i go to Crosspointe lake nona and Sanctuary church

Who are your biggest musical inspirations?  My biggest inspirations are Matt Greiner, Aaron Gillespie, paramore, and relient k.

Why support As our Own?  How do you connect with the cause?  For some reason, people who are enslaved and exploited and trafficked, really hits home for me. Even though i dont have any personal connection to anyone who has been through that, it still rattles me quite a bit. I know it sounds cheesy but it honestly does burn a fire in my stomach to know that this stuff happens and I am grateful to be able to help out such a cause.

What do you do for fun?  I play basketball for fun and do random stuff like work on cars!

Favorite cereal is reeses puffs.

If you could visit any city, where would you go and with whom?  I would like to visit LA with some of my band mates.

Favorite verse is Colossians 3:23

JTArtist Profile: Geoffrey Gaudoin: Sustain & Heirs in Exile