Artist profile: Brian Ames: Voice of One


Artist profile:

Band Name:Voice of One

Your name: Brian Ames

Instrument: Keyboard -Yamaha Motif/ Hammond XK3

Age: 28

Where are you from and where do you go to Church? First Baptist Oviedo
Who are your biggest musical inspirations? Elton John, John Mayer
Why support As our Own?  How do you connect with the cause? I think it is important to give back. I have seen many people impacted positively by there work.
What do you do for fun? My job – Playing music.
Favorite breakfast cereal? Cinnamon Toast Crunch
If you could visit any city, where would you go and with whom? Sydney, Australia. With anyone who wants to pay for me to come along!
Favorite bible verse? Joshua 1:9

JTArtist profile: Brian Ames: Voice of One